About Swarovski™ Crystallized Components

In 1913 Daniel Swarovski brought a sparkle to crystal, and could never have imagined what a development he was setting in motion. With fantasy, intuition and technical finesse, he and his descendants have managed to expose all the facets hidden within this fascinating material. Swarovski's flawless, brilliant cut jewelry stones caused great excitement and were coveted everywhere. They sold incredibly well to the Parisian fashion houses and jewelers. For this reason, Swarovski concentrated initially on the production of jewelry stones.

In 1975, after years of research and technological efforts, Swarovski™ presented its Hot-Fix technology, which made it possible to add sparkling radiance to any item of clothing. With the assistance of a newly-developed (patented) molten glue, finished crystal motifs could now be applied to the most diverse materials with the use of heat and pressure. Thus jeans, T-shirts and apparel gained seductive radiance.

Swarovski™ Crystal is continually reinventing the sparkle: The entrepreneurial activities of the Crystal Components business began with a single crystal jewel. Today the basic collection incorporates over one hundred thousand different shapes, colours and sizes. This range is further broadened by the latest crystalline trend components (as you see here at Sparkle Plenty). As Daniel Swarovski used to say: "We are the buttons on fashion's new dress."

*These stunning Swarovski™ multi-faceted crystals are what give our Sparkle Plenty apparel a diamond-like sparkle*


Swarovski™ crystal features a very vibrant color consistency with a patented multi-faceted cut to maximize light reflection - plus, patented Hot Fix Technology keeps the crystals on your garment through wear and wash
(please turn garment inside out and wash warm or cool - air dry)