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Fleur de Lis Sparkly Crystal Tee by Sparkle Plenty

The original source for upscale Swarovski™ crystal embellished clothing, customized crystal logo tees, and stunning rhinestone tees and apparel, Sparkle Plenty specializes in creating genuine Swarovski™ crystal logo & rhinestone apparel for branding, special events, promotions, and tradeshows.

Sparkle Plenty is one of the select few custom boutiques authorized to work directly with Swarovski™. Multi-faceted crystals are what give their Sparkle Plenty apparel a diamond-like sparkle. However, they can substitute rhinestone and rhinestud to fit any budget.

We received the Fleur de Lis Sparkly Crystal Tee which retails for $46. The fleur de lis measures 4" x 4 1/4" and is made of clear crystal and silver nailheads, emblazoned on a black v-neck cap sleeve combed cotton tee.

This is a tee that I liked when I saw online, and loved when I saw in person. It surprised me how stunning it looked when I received it. Sparkly tees can sometimes look gaudy. The worse offenders are the ones you buy online because almost always, they look incredibly cheap in person. This tee is definitely an exception to that.

What makes it chic and elegant is the seamless combination of the crystals and the silver nailheads. A little bling is nice, but too much bling can cause other people to use you as a mirror. The fleur de lis on this tee was perfectly crafted with just the right blend of crystals and silver. The multi-faceted sparkle of the crystals lends a refined look. It doesn’t leave an over-the-top, flashy impression. What it leaves is a trail of oohs and aahs from mouths wide open with admiration.

The tee itself has a feminine fit so it’s very flattering. It’s also soft and super comfortable. Supposedly, it has “memory” to keep its shape after washing. That’s cool but if it can make my body keep its shape after eating, now that would be amazing.

Anyhow, it’s fabulous with a pair of jeans and a cropped black jacket. If you don’t like cap sleeves, there are plenty of other styles and colors to choose from. So take your pick and get some bling on!

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