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TUCKINZ "No more deodorant stains"
Garment Protectors


With TUCKINZ, you now have a simple and quick solution to protect your sleeveless clothing from ugly, white, flakey deodorant stains.

If you have ever worn any type of sleeveless clothing, you more than likely have experienced one of two circumstances (or if you are like most women, you have experienced both!)

Either, you apply deodorant before getting dressed and end up with lines of white deodorant stains up the sides of your sleeveless clothing. Or, you apply your deodorant after getting dressed and as a result end up with dried, flakey, white deodorant residue on your clothing under your arms.

The design of TUCKINZ as well as the fabric chosen, together contribute to the end result...a clean, fresh, deodorant stain free start to your day!

  • Contains 2 pair of Tuckinz
  • Mildew-Proof, Washable & Reusable!

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    How to Use

  • Simply take one flap of the TUCKINZ™ and tuck it over your sleeveless clothes right under your arm. Adjust the outer and inner flaps so they lay flat.
  • Once they are comfortably in place, apply deodorant as usual.
  • Let your deodorant dry for a few minutes, then remove TUCKINZ™ .. VIOLA!

    Enjoy a fresh, clean, deodorant-stain free start to your day!

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