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Sparkle Plenty Accents, Inc. is now Sparkle Plenty Designs, Inc., located in Philadelphia, Pa. The company was acquired by Andrew and Lee Sequeira, who also run the retail online boutique GoodtoBeYou.com. For more information, visit the company's newly redesigned Web site at www.sparkle-plenty.com.
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Profit Center:
Body Jewelry Spotlight On: Sparkle Plenty Designs, Inc. Andrew Sequeira, president

Our crystal embellished shirts and crystal jewelry accessories are great add-on sales for salon owners to increase revenue. Our crystal jewelry items are high-quality, popular, eye-catching, and the Swarovski brand adds to the upscale value of any salon. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service in addition to beautiful crystal jewelry.

Return On Investment:
On average, the return on investment ranges between 65 percent to more than 100 percent, depending on products sold. The key selling point is the enormous brand-name appeal of Swarovski. We have many repeat salon customers who reorder frequently because customers buy out inventory almost as soon as it arrives.

Salon Sales Pitch:
An effective and simple sales pitch for our crystal jewelry is, "Swarovski body jewelry will draw attention to your tan and accentuate its beauty." These items are already loved by salon customers, so a hard sales pitch isn't necessary.

I would recommend that salons carrying our bracelets and toe rings present them in an attractive display and we find that black velvet looks elegant. This is not essential, but it makes a better presentation and would likely boost sales.

No special training is required to sell these products.