We Create Custom Home Decor Too!

For quite some time, the use of Swarovski crystal as a form of decorative embellishment for clothing and accessories has been hugely popular (think shirts, hats, bags, shoes and so forth).
Just about every woman loves sparkly things, so it's no surprise that crystal decoration continues to grow in appeal.

But why stop at apparel? The aesthetic appeal of crystal needn't be limited to just clothing. After all, if you really love bling, you'd probably love to see it on more than just the occasional shirt or accessory.

Consider the décor of your house or living space – the first things you notice are the objects or accents of beauty that give you a sense of joy and appreciation. They're always within view, pleasing to the eye, and comforting to the soul. They reflect your aesthetic and you're proud when people tell you so.

So ~ what if you could add a touch of this magic to your home? Well, you can! We can create gorgeous customized crystal throw pillows, decorative towels, crystal linens, napkins & tablecloths, crystal drapes, etc.

Perfect for any special events, parties, party or to celebrate your home, we can create something as simple crystal monogram to an all out family crest - and anything in-between for your needs.

Best of all, with Swarovski's newest Crystallized™ product innovations, incorporating fabrics and crushed crystals for even more brilliance, the possibilities are endless and the look is, as always, stunning.

Contact us at 215.389.1877 to see what we can CRYSTALLIZE for you!