30 Cool Tips to Get on TV

1. Help Behind The Scenes How To Get On Television: I have had the good fortune of being on multiple television shows, and I think I have discovered the secret (at least for me). I call on the studio and ask them how I could help the show. Maybe do research or bring a live audience or spread the word. My objective is to genuinely help. When I do it enough, they often are so grateful that they invite me to be on the show. Definitely not the typical approach.... but it works! Thanks to: Mike Michalowicz of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. 30 Cool Tips to Get on TV

2. Get a Following! How To Get On Television: Creating a YouTube video and generating a great following for that video is a great way to show validity that there is proven market appeal for your product or service and thus validate why it should be chosen to be featured on tv. It is a marketing "pull" strategy versus push with a lower cost than traditional "pull" strategies. (yes I am a marketing nerd.) Thanks to: Margo Schlossberg of KuraDesign Accessories.

3. Give a Great Pitch How To Get On Television: A lot of people don't take into account the fact that news shows need content as much as you need a free plug. If your item can be tied to a specific season, holiday, etc., put together a good pitch via email on why their audience would want to hear about it in a way that isn't pushy or overly-promotional and send it to every local news station. You don't need a PR company to get on TV, you just need to ask. The worst that can happen? Nothing, you are no worse off than before! Thanks to: Anthony Adams of The Hangover Cure.

4. Doing Well by Doing Good How To Get On Television: Give your product to charities sponsored by the TV show you target. For example, for toys, The Today Show does a great toy drive and gives a full 30 seconds to 1 minute per guest. The Ellen show and Rachel Ray also do holiday drives to gather products for the needy. Thanks to: Michael Araten of K'NEX Brands, L.P..

5. Know who you are pitching to How To Get On Television: Do your homework before you pitch your product, watch the show,find out what kind of products they like to feature,and then tailor your pitch to fit them,they aren't going to change their format and style to fit your product,your product has to fit into their format and style. Have a standard "core" pitch that has all the important info in it and then tweak it to fit who you are pitching to. Thanks to: Anna Eves of DigiPix.Us.

6. We Love Changing Seasons How To Get On Television: "Summer is coming and I MUST have this!" The changing of the seasons is a perfect time to shine a light on your product. Start early by contacting your local morning shows to get on their program schedule. If they don't have a segment planned that fits your product, develop one for them! Offer a new way to use an old standby or introduce the newest "must have". Get your act together before the TV appearance, and be ready to answer emails, phone calls, process payments and ship efficiently. Thanks to: Laura Davis, AIA of HPD Architecture in Dallas, Texas.

7. Check your email How To Get On Television: There is a wonderful website that everyone who owns their own business should use. The website is called HARO (help a reporter out) and is a great resource to the opportunities out there for promotion. This website provides you with three emails a day. They include a variety of writing and promotion on every topic from pet grooming to women in their 50's who love ski diving. There are plenty of opportunities for blog features, magazine articles and TV spots! Thanks to: Michelle Littler of littletoad.

8. It Never Hurts to Try How To Get On Television: I am not going to tell you that getting on TV is easy...although I have to say for me it couldn't have been much simpler. I noticed that the NBC affiliate here had a morning show that did little 5 minute segments on new businesses. So I thought "it cant hurt" and sent them an email with mine and asked them if they wanted to spotlights a mompreneur. The very next day they replied inviting me on the show. No kidding. Maybe I was lucky, but it never hurts to try!! Thanks to: Kelly Robinson of SchKIDules.

9. It's all about fun and games! How To Get On Television: When I realized I created an original game that could change the way women interacted with each other at baby and bridal showers, I knew that I had to be creative in getting my product in front of the right people.

I made a video of my friends playing a custom game for ellen and sent it to her. Twice. No call. Did the same with the Today Show. Same results. I emailed a pregnant anchorwoman and said I have the most unique games she needs to know about for her shower. She did a story on me. Thanks to: Susan Newton of BadaBadaBingo.com.

10. Send a Personalized Letter How To Get On Television: 1) Study the types of shows/stories that this media outlet does and how they use experts. 2) Propose a story which would be of interest to their viewers and in which it would be natural for them to include you. - A producer or journalist wants to give her audience something special. If she gets a press release, she knows that lots and lots of other media are getting this too. But if she gets a personal letter, she's going to give it more consideration. Thanks to: Sally Shields of The Daughter-in-Law Rules.

11. Gotta Be Must See TV! How To Get On Television: If you want to get TV exposure, you really have to find what it is about your product or service that is unique and different. But not just unique and different, but newsworthy...in other words, being different is not enough. You have to find the angle that makes it newsworthy, fun, informative, innovative. If you can't find that hook, you will have a hard time getting on TV. Also, as much of a visual that you can provide (it is TV after all), will really help! Thanks to: craig wolfe of CelebriDucks.

12. Give them a unique angle How To Get On Television: Understand the show's (and Reporter's) demographic and provide an angle that will appeal to that audience that is unique to your product. By providing a creative story idea for the reporter's segment you are more likely to get a spot in their lineup. This has worked on several occasions and don't get discouraged, I have received last minute calls when someone had to cancel an appearance and this made it easy for them come up with a new idea quickly. Thanks to: DeAnna Cochran of DeAnna Cochran Jewelry.

13. Outspoken or Outstanding How To Get On Television: Promoting yourself or your products on television can be a daunting task. While trying to remain humble, you must inform, educate and entertain viewers with your goal. The best way is to contact the producer with short informative information, a press release with who, what and where, pictures and an offer of a sample for testing. Reminding them after a reasonable time helps the busy journalist or producer and a quick response to their inquiries is a must. Swimming is a good sport for business. Thanks to: Karon Gibson of AmericaNurse.

14. No Name? No Book? No Sweat! How To Get On Television: I got on prime time television with no name, no book, and no publicist! I simply called every day for 2 weeks with the same pitch. I carefully listened & responded to the exact time of day they told me to call and the person they told me to ask for. I mimicked their tone and the speed of their voice and by the end of 2 weeks I was invited to do an interview. So I had a teen create a website overnight and got 600 hits for a 3 minute segment with nothing to sell! Just imagine if I was serious! Thanks to: Adelaide Zindler of HomeOfficeMommy.com.

15. Quit being so self-centered How To Get On Television: Who likes someone that only talks and thinks about themselves? No one, including TV producers. Instead, think about how your product genuinely helps people or how you can educate the market, then tell your story from that vantage point. And please, don't make it a thinly veiled sales attempt. We can smell a rat. Thanks to: Carrie Rocha of Pocket Your Dollars.

16. Ditch the Pitch How To Get On Television: Don't pitch your product. When I pitched my book, I didn't get on TV. When I wrote an article about the health and wellness of teen girls, which is the subject of my book, I received the call. So hey, every now and again, you have to change your way of getting attention. Thanks to: Candi Meridith, MPH of Meridith Health & Wellness.

17. Persistence and Patience How To Get On Television: My one tip to get your product on tv is persistence. I have emailed producers numerous times before getting a response which led to television exposure.

Many producers are extremely busy and do not have time to read all of their emails. It is important to make your pitch catch their attention and then follow-up a week or so later to make sure they received it and see if they have any questions. Thanks to: Danny Kofke of Survive On A Teacher's Salary.

18. Fresh Success How To Get On Television: Make sure your product is fresh, original and interesting; be relevant to the viewers needs. Thanks to: Kerry Bannigan of Nolcha.

19. Find a local news producer! How To Get On Television: TIP... start out locally and find the right T.V. producer. News stations in your area like to feature local entrepreneurs to showcase. You can then use your local appearances to try to generate some national publicity (i.e., post the video to YouTube and add it to your website and reference it when you contact national producers). You should call local stations and get producer's email addresses. You will not have much luck if you just submit an email through the station's website. Thanks to: Gregory Ladas of The Couch Potato Diet.

20. A Place Setting For Four? How To Get On Television: Getting your product on television can be fun and probably the most rewarding thing you can do. There are steps to follow so don't try to bulldoze your way in front of the cameras. Showering producers with samples sometimes can backfire, if they come out of nowhere and lack that key ingredient called context. We always recommend coupling a pitch with a subject or news angle with something topical, especially if an outlet you're targeting has run stories with which your product connects. Thanks to: Adrienne Mazzone of The Knife and Forklift.

21. Land Your Product On TV How To Get On Television: My best advice would be guerilla marketing. Contact your target company directly. Email the company directly to pitch your product. Pick the highest level of corporate contacts you can find, devise a specific email about the product, how each company would benefit from selling the product, outline your prospective. Ask advice on how best to move forward with the idea & how to advertise in order to get maximum exposure for the idea. A great company to contact would be AsSeenOnTv.com. Think BIG! Thanks to: Michael Di Pippo of PenFishingRods.com.

22. Promote A Non-Profit, Not You How To Get On Television: The best way I've found to get my product on TV is to be connected with a non-profit organization with an event coming up. The pitch to the TV station is that you're promoting the event. TV news, etc. love to promote non-profits because they're good for the community, and they are usually happy to give you a plug at the same time. The fact that they will be featuring/selling/giving away your product at the non-profit's event becomes almost incidental, but it will get your product on TV! Thanks to: Elizabeth Yarnell of Pomegranate Consulting, LLC.

23. Always put the audience first (SPARKLE PLENTY, THAT'S US!) How To Get On Television: I sent items to NBC (Philadelpha) for breast cancer awareness month and was featured a segment called "Loves it". We were also on FOX Philadelphia with our line of funky crystal tees for people that have had plastic surgery. How? Along with your product samples & a sincere, polite pitch, be sure to include a few bulleted talking points for the host, and show how this will make an entertaining segment. What will the audience get out of watching it? Keep it upbeat & be pleasantly persistent. Thanks to: Lee Sequeira of Sparkle Plenty Designs.

24. Think like the Producer! How To Get On Television: The best way to get your product or service on TV is to first think like the producer, not your client:

What can you supply the producer that will help *their* audience (if it's a national TV show you better be available EVERYWHERE) that is visual and has movement - and is not just a talking head with a static image. First and best rule is *be* the producer and solve their problem - and your client will get what they need as well :) Thanks to: Barbara Pflughaupt of BP Media Relations, LLC.

25. BYOV - Bring your own video How To Get On Television: The classic conundrum - you can't get your burgeoning client tv segments without them having already been on tv or having a reel. So make one yourself! I block off about two hours and take a Flip camera and film my client talking about their brand and their business. I am a fashion/beauty publicist so I usually have them go through the collection and highlight their favorite items for the season and why, exactly how a style or beauty expert would do on the Today show. Thanks to: Janna Meyrowitz of Style House PR.

26. Be Newsworthy How To Get On Television: If your product provides a service and/or is news-worthy contact the news department at as many TV stations you think would be interested. They usually monitor their web site for submissions. If you get any response; be courteous, understand how they want to fit your product in to a story, provide what they want and continue to follow up until completion. Dont forget to purchase from a 3rd party vendor your appearance. This way you have it for future use. Thanks to: Alan Klayman of STUDENT at the wheel®.

27. How to Get Your Products on TV How To Get On Television: The TV producer I worked with on this local TV spot: http://www.my601.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?articleID=958 had pretty simple advice about getting your business on TV: just contact your local TV stations with the interesting or exceptional story about your business. Local TV stations like to showcase local businesses with outstanding stories. Get on their list of contacts and tell them your accomplishments and the topics you can comment on and then respond (right away!) if they call. Thanks to: Grace Bateman of Peru Paper Company.

28. Get Your 15 Minutes! How To Get On Television: As an avid TV craft show fan I wondered how artists were chosen to demonstrate or have their work featured on air. I decided on trying the simple approach - why not contact the people at TV shows I was interested in & just ask? Three days after sending the initial question to customer service I was on the phone talking to a producer. It had actually happened & I was finally able to attain one of my highest goals – all because I just asked. Thanks to: Consuelo Okdie of Consuelo Okdie Art.

29. Shark Tank Pitch Tip How To Get On Television: Speak from your heart! Show how much you love your product and others will love along! Thanks to: Lori Lite of Stress Free Kids.

30. To TV through Twitter How To Get On Television: Getting on TV isn't easy, but it's certainly doable. Are you following your favorite TV producers and on air experts on Twitter? You should! TV presenters and contributors like Jennifer Jolly aka The Good Idea Gal @goodideagal often tweet about the stories/segments they are working on and look for suggestions from their followers on Twitter.