About & How to Apply Crystal Body Tattoos

How to Apply:

First, clean the area where you are going to place the crystals with an alcohol wipe & let the skin dry completely.

Warm the design in your hands for at least 10 seconds, then carefully separate the stone backing from the film, making sure ALL crystals adhere to the film -- place the design onto the skin.

Cover the design with the palm of your hand and hold firmly for about 20-30 seconds. The warmth will activate the medical adhesive (yes, Swarovski crystal body tattoos are safe for human skin).

Carefully peel back the clear plastic, making sure that each crystal is in place and adhered to the skin.

Once you remove the film, it helps to give a final press to each stone one more time.

Be Creative and design your own body art -- just cut the design sheets with scissors and align your re-design on your skin following the steps above.

For Vajazzling, we do recommend using Bindi Glue, Spirit Gum or Eyelash adhesive for extra staying power.

ENJOY your body bling!

Besides the classic Vajazzle & Vajazzling, Swarovski temporary crystal tattoos can be used on: the body (body bling), promotional materials, posters, wine/champagne bottles, biz cards & paper, glass, plastic, metal - you name it!

We also create custom crystal tattoos! Need over 500 pcs? Please call us at 215.389.1877 or email us at info@sparkle-plenty.com for pricing

All tattoos shown below are made with genuine Swarovski crystals, which sparkle like diamonds! Don't be fooled by plastic stones or cheap imitations that are not safe for human skin. Please read THIS POST for a friendly warning

About our Swarovski crystal tattoos:
Experience the joy and sparkle of authentic Swarovski temporary body crystals. These world renowned, Austrian crystals resemble diamonds, are flat on one side, and are self-adhesive. Completely safe, non-allergenic, and harmless to the skin, Swarovski crystals will last for weeks but can be easily removed.

These genuine temporary SWAROVSKI crystal body tattoos can be placed on the earlobes, neck, belly, arms, lower back, finger and toenails, or anywhere else you desire. The crystals will adhere to most anything for days, and crystal tattoos make a fantastic spa & salon add-on service for tanning, waxing, laser hair removal, etc.

Use them to make your accessories sparkle, too! Belts, buttons, handbags, jewelry, clothing, cell-phones, be creative and use your imagination (& a little glue). Swarovski crystals can even make any body tattoo come alive with bling!